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Director’s Testimonial – Jon Mancinetti

“Director Jon Mancinetti gives Credits at end of Film
With Help of Hypnosis he got his Project done..”
Jon Mancinetti

Film Director

Three Things to Know About Hypnosis

Despite its less-than-serious depiction in cartoons and movies, hypnosis can be an effective tool for therapy. Read on to learn more about the way hypnosis affects our conscious minds.

1. People aren’t unconscious under hypnosis. In fact, they are in a state of focused hyper-awareness. Subjects’ suggestibility does not emerge from any lack of understanding, but rather from the suppression of inhibitions. That might result in a stage performer making a person feel comfortable enough to cluck like a duck that thinks it’s a chicken, but for a therapist it might mean circumventing the conscious mind’s tendency to make excuses for an addiction.

2. You cannot be hypnotized against your will. Although it is true that a hypnotized person will be more susceptible to suggestion, it’s simply not possible to force them to do something that they don’t want to do. Likewise, when battling a deep-set psychological issue such as a phobia or an addiction, hypnosis doesn’t work by reversing the patient’s unwanted thoughts but by gradually strengthening their resolve to silence them.

3. Hypnosis often takes hold gradually. Many hypnotherapists use a method known as progressive relaxation. Introducing peaceful imagery in slow, soothing tones, the professional lulls the patient into a state of relaxation over a longer period of time—as long as a half-hour—and gauges their suggestibility with simple, easy-to-swallow commands such as “relax your arms.”

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“I have struggles with smoking marijuana for over 20 years! I had tried to stop so many times unsuccessfully my habit was affecting my very health my work and my relationships. I completed years of therapy to no avail:( at the end of my rope and (feeling hopeless ) I tried Hypnosis* this is the only thing that has worked* I am so happy to say I have 0 cravings and I don’t seem to miss it at all.Life feels so much better I feel healthier happier and more in control of my life highly recommend this journey!”

M.M. ( MFT, MPH)

East Los Angeles, LMFT