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Terry Executive Review<br />

The metric for success is very simple; I walked in a smoker and now I am a non-smoker.

The moment I met Carmela, I felt safe. She Walked me throug her process, which goes far beyned smoking cessation. She also dives into positive motivation, goal accomplishment, and relieving general anxiety, somthing which is much needed this year.

Carmela was generous with her time and more importantly, generous wof spirit. I am very happy two have met her and quit frankly, even happier I no longer smoke cigarettes!

Jennifer Nyugun hypnosis review<br />

Jennifer Nyugun

I want to share my experience in working with Carmela Tunzi on my self-development program. I came to Carmela because I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with my current career as a marketer. I had also started my first year in law school—which I vehemently pursued—despite Carmela’s forewarning that I may be going after something for the wrong reasons, and that I should reconsider pursuing my initial path of going into real estate.

After about 6 months of working with Carmela, and going to law school, all of a sudden, the most miraculous thing happened. After the winter quarter exams at school, I received a formal notice from the Dean that my law school will be closing down! At that moment, I felt a huge burden come off of me, and because I’ve been working with Carmela for so long, the news did not affect me in the way it would have used to. Instead of feeling panic, anxiety, or wariness, I quickly turned the situation around in my favor, and saw clarity in the end result of what I wanted, and needed to do, and how I will get there though planning and strategizing—logically, and within reason. What I saw ahead of myself was freedom. The freedom to be with my family whenever I wanted, without burden or constraints. And I could see how the career of being in real estate would be my path to that vision—in which I can still hold so clearly.

In contrast, when I was in law school, I was so stressed-out and could not see the end result and was always confused and frustrated. So, Carmela, told me all of this from the very beginning, and although she always listened and supported me in my endeavors—she was right all along, since all she’s ever wanted is the best for her clients. She knew before I did or before I could see, that my intentions and actions were not aligned with my values. She saw my struggle, yet gently guided me until I could see it for myself. Everyone is different. And, everyone gets it at a different time. For me, it took a whole year of law school to figure it out. The moral of the story is, listen to your Consultant!!

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