The Meaning of your Communication is the response you get back, Yes?

Well How about what you are communicating Non Verbally ?

When Taking Clients into the office there is a whole lot of information Being obsevered  even from the Screening Process.

For example….

How they Stand ….where they actually choose to sit. …How much they will write or  notice in the intake forms etc.

Do They actually Follow Directions like looking at the book of testimonials and follow thru with the actual directions to start.

Even their physical apperience shows up as what are they” Trying to Prove.”?

Are They Membership almost dressed in Uniform?

Are They expressing Freedom like a ruffled shirt or hair..?

Do They Look Like Artist needing to actually be seen…and Very self expressive…

Do They have a more unified same type on one color needing to Just Feel Safe….

Often People Seem to think that they hold a secret thought pattern or Idea in their Mind that others Don’t see..

I like to Point out its like there is actually an imaginary Bubble above peoples Head that is actually visible with the Way they Sit, Stand, Follow Thru or even Hold their Face or Shake their Head.

Basically, this is called the read in the client intake. As a student of the Scott McFall system of Training and Hypnosis,

   We are always reading the nonverbal communication rather than hearing or paying attention to the actual words. Just this morning and working with a client as we were  beginning to focus on her goal, she was asked what she was proud of, and although she mentioned a win that she had for the week she simultaneously shook  her head no…

This was  a constant pattern for her as she sorts by distinction and communicating constantly ( in her head). She is  not consciously aware that she does this. With a slight pattern interruption, she becomes external and aware. tTihs takes some repetition.)

She began to defend her pattern at one point, and basically told me that she really didn’t believe that her little wins …

We were able to interrupt the pattern with a little flexibility and leverage,. We’re going to accomplish her goal, so the point here is even though her words were saying one thing her non Nonverbal communication was actually communicating, stronger to her belief system….

When she leveled and was able to repeat her  actual outcome or goal , then there was an exhale on her part, it was a release of what she had been caring and is constantly sorting and contrasting  in her mind. She repeated that she really didn’t believe X Y, or Z so at that point because of her initial body language, we were able to again interrupt her belief system by using technique!

In NLP ( Nero Linguistic Programing ) We say all tecnics lead to integration So Changes her

Belief Using a Swish or Doubt to Belief worked Perfectly! .

  We began by acrually Having her see The Problem area in her Life She wished to change but just could not see That she could possible do so.

Had her imagine she could see it as though it was a picture floating spacially somewhere in the room . She saw it kind of Dark in coler with no sounds.

We had her identify a feeling of pressure in her Gut area that she has everytime she thinks of her belief.

Next just interupted he state as asking her shoe size.

Next asked her to imagine a photo of Santa or the Easter Bunny

( A Belif That she does not believes)…See The Colors , Size and if there are sounds and discribe the feeling as she does,

. She Smiles as she sees this..( Showing me she is congruent) and non Verbally showing that she is asociated to what she no longer believes.

After Interupting the state again we slide The first image into the second. Combine them to whatever makes sense to her subconcuous Mind.

We then slide First image back and Check.

She say her first image seems futher away and does not have the same feelings in her body.

I listen to her words but and the main reason I know this has bugun to shift is the look of confustion on her face and curiosity.!

Her NON VERBAL Communication is Congruent to the change she wants and I beleve what she is acually saying because he face is comming along!

There is another 2 steps to This Process and she actually leaves Office more confident that she can succeed her Goal!

So You see if we had just listened to words in the Beginning the subconcious thoughts would not been adjusted. Her Body Movement and the expression on her face in the beinging did not Match her Outcome.

She Left a Match!

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